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We have been providing legal alternatives to hundreds of consumers for many years now. Improving your FICO score to help you achieve your needs, is our promise and mission.

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We utilize factual dispute methodology to guarantee the correct dispute action for your credit file. We can clean up your credit report and improve your FICO score. Helping you, achieve your goals.

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Credit Report is very important

Providing quality service to our clients and helping them reach better credit scores — is what we are here for. Imagine what you could do with a better FICO score. To unlock new opportunities and possibilities with true solutions and legal alternatives.


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Credit Repair, our way of helping people

All erroneous or unverifiable information will be disputed, ensuring that the information on your credit report is correct and up-to-date. In some cases we can recommend other products that will help you increase your FICO Score.

Of course! We can help increase your FICO Score by updating incorrect or out dated information in your credit report and walking you through the process of building a good credit history.

Absolutely! We are the only credit experts in Rhode Island delivering legal, ethical, pro-active credit repair, based on our Factual Dispute Methodology.

  • Finance Consultation 99%
  • Credit Repair 100%
  • Credit Rating Management 95%

How does it Work?


Thorough credit report review

Credit Reports are vital to our work. And it is also vital that you receive an accurate, up to date report to achieve your goal. We make sure to do factual disputes on any erroneous information that your past report may have. This helps in ensuring you only get a factually-sound and updated credit report.

Factual Dispute Methodology

We help our clients learn what goes on in the world of finance and credit. Of course, without educating our clients — we’ll never be able to help them achieve their goals holistically. So in part to our service, we also help them understand the inner workings that they need to know and grasp.

Finance Strategies and Education

With years of experience on credit repair, Ocean State Credit Solutions is certainly equipped and knowledgeable in the task of helping you achieve better credit FICO ratings. We can absolutely be of help to anybody who wishes to improve their FICO score.


Secure and Confidential

All credit repair applications proceeds quickly and are confidential. We do our work professionally, ethically, and legally. For over many years, we have been helping people achieve higher FICO credit ratings to help them obtain their goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a 24 / 7 customer help support service through the means of our contact us page. Our telephone is reachable without any charge to your own account. If you need help, wish to inquire, or if you have got any concerns for us. Let us know and we’ll be with you to assist shortly.

What kind of clients do you work with?

We do our best to help everyone. And have had good success ratings in helping our clients gain better FICO scores. That or, we offer good alternatives and solutions for our client to weigh in and consider.

How much time is needed?

Normally, it takes several weeks. From thoroughly considering data from recent credit reports to thoroughly analyzing what can be factually disputed to correct and flag erroneous data that might be in your records. Later, we will do everything in our ability and resources to make sure everything is in order and updated in your report.

Do you provide your clients with finance advise?

Yes! We do so very often provide our clients with the necessary education and insights. We do this that the client may understand what we are doing. We brief clients of strategies and plans to increase their credit rating and ensure that they will have continuous good standing in their financial future.

In the beginning, I had some reservations about doing this, but then I said to myself let me try this to see what will happen. But then to my surprise, I got in touch with Ocean State Credit Solutions and they looked at my credit report and that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. They gave me some financial counseling and I gave them the information needed to fix my credit and to my surprise, they performed a miracle and made my credit score go up to a high score. They’re the best and I’m always recommending her to everyone I talk to!

Valerie Bowler

Washington, Maryland

My name is Assante and I have been using the Ocean State Credit Solutions service for the last past year. I’ve noticed many deletions on my credit report since beginning the clean-up. But most importantly, I was able to get a personal loan for my education. I am well on my way to clean credit and my nursing degree! Thanks for getting where I need to be… If you are looking to get your credit history back on track, give Ocean State Credit Solutions a call!

Assante Moore

Rhode Island

After, years of bad and delinquent credit I decided to employ this firm. I can say that after six months I saw my credit scores go from below 500 to above 600 and Ocean State Credit Solutions continues to work for me. They are very professional, hardworking, diligent, and transparent, as they work on your credit, you are able to follow them and track your credit throughout the process. Many credit repair agencies want huge down payments and high monthly installments. Ocean State Credit Solutions is reasonable and continues to work with you.

Anjuan Collins, Sr.

Rhode Island

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